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Moreno Gautreau Attorneys is committed to provide the highest quality services. We handle all legal aspects of business transactions to invest and do business in Dominican Republic. We specialized in the successful representation of complex business deals.

The professionals working in our law firm possess in-depth knowledge of Dominican law, thus supporting our clients in any project they wish to undertake. We identify and assess the potential risks of a transaction and propose solutions to our clients before any conflicts arise.

Mission, Vission and Values

Our mission is to advise and create solutions for our clients’ specific legal needs, taking into account the cost-effectiveness. Our goal is to resolve our clients’ affairs in a timely manner, providing a resolution within our client’s budget and adding value to each business transaction

We envision working with people and organizations that desire to have a true attorney-client relationship, and who trust in our purpose to assist in the development of their business. That is why we work hard and smart every day: for you to choose us as your strategic partners in the Dominican Republic.

Moreno Gautreau Attorneys set high quality standards in order to provide services that reflect the passion and commitment we feel for our profession. This keeps our clients satisfied and eager to work with us again. These standards are guided by our core values:

  • Commitment: we feel as a contributing part to our clients’ success. Once we take a case we focus all our energy and efforts to deliver positive results.
  • Consistency: our practice is coherent and consistent over time. We ensure that our actions are always true to our values.
  • Discretion: we understand the basics of our business: a client-attorney relationship. Our firm is supported by the trust of our clients, earned through the discretion and diplomacy with which we handle our cases.
  • Creativity: in Moreno Gautreau we are always looking for ‘out of the box’ solutions that fit our client’s specific issues. We pride ourselves on the creativity of our team, and on our ability to get the expected resolution to even the hardest transactions.

On Profile
Juan Moreno Gautreau

Managing Partner


With over 25 years of in the legal field, Juan Moreno possesses extensive experience and knowledge in virtually all areas of the Dominican Law. The practice of Mr. Moreno includes corporate and commercial law, civil law, insurance, shipping and customs, foreign investment, real estate, and personal services.

Juan Moreno deals with all types of litigation and dispute resolution cases. From civil liability matters, commercial disputes, labor lawsuits, asset recovery, international litigation, arbitration and mediation, representation in appeals and alternative dispute resolution.


Before opening his private practice, he served as the Manager of the Litigation Department for one of the major law firms in the country. There he was responsible for analyzing clients' legal issues for the development of strategies and action plans to ensure a satisfactory resolution. He also worked on the draft of the services section for the DR-CAFTA (Dominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement).

He was a guest speaker at the International Seminar "Electoral Reform in Latin America" in Uruguay, as well as at the IV Iberian-American Conference on Electoral Justice. He participated in the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Declaration of Principles for International Electoral Observation, in the XI Latin American Conference of Transport, Places of Refuge, Port Security, Maritime Safety, Ports, and Maritime Arbitration, as well as in the II Free Zones Forum for Central America and the Caribbean.

Representative transactions

Juan Moreno has participated in some of the most notable transactions in Dominican Republic in the past two decades. Some of them are:

  • Successful defense of a real estate project litigation destined for a thousand housing solutions, in a transaction involving approximately 800 thousand dollars.
  • Assistance in the due diligence for the two largest acquisitions occurred in the country in the last seven years.
  • Assistance in a breach of contract of a 20 million dollars real estate transaction.
  • Handling the first trademark cancellation made in the country, for a Spanish chain leader in manufacturing and distributing retail clothing.
  • Assistance to a Miami lending Bank in recovering assets in Dominican Republic worth 25 million dollars.
  • Defense of Otis Elevators in a product liability matter. This is one of the most important cases in the matter seen in the country.
  • Successful labor lawsuit defense against one of the biggest private financial institutions in Dominican Republic involving 13 million dollars
  • Support to all litigation cases in the last ten years for the largest insurance company in the country.

Academic background

  • Master in Political Studies and Electoral Law
    Universidad de Granada in collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra and Escuela Nacional de Formación Electoral y del Estado Civil.
  • Master in Corporate Business Law
    Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.)
    Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

Affiliations & credentials

  • Member of the Dominican Bar Association
  • Member of the Dominican Notary Public Association
  • Secretary of the Electoral Commission for the Dominican Notary Public Association
  • Deputy President of the National Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic
  • International observer in Latin-American elections
  • Former Chairman of the Dominican Bar Association’s Disciplinary Court


  • The construction workers, forgotten in the new Labor Code
    Estudios Jurídicos Magazine – 2001
  • The Dominican Bar Association: reflection institution and part of society
    Listín Diario Newspaper – 1999
  • Incidents in the labor process
    Fifth Congress of Labor Law – 1993
  • Labor standards - A wake up call to lawmakers
    Listín Diario Newspaper – 1991

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Providencia Gautreau

Of Counsel


Attorney with over 40 years of experience in the Dominican legal field, who has dealt with nearly all aspects of Dominican law. Since the '70s, Providencia Gautreau has worked with all modifications made to the Labor Code of the Dominican Republic, such as the 1992 reform which added the procedural rules for labor disputes and which promoted workers’ individual and collective rights.

Dr. Gautreau was Chief Justice of the Second Chamber of National District’s Labor Court (1999-2012),Assistant Deputy Chief Justice of the Second Chamber of National District’s Labor Court (1997-1999), worked as Legal Advisor of the Hoteliers Workers Fund (1989-1997), plus held various positions within the Ministry of Labor of the Dominican Republic such as Legal Advisor (1982-1988), General Director of the Training Center (1981-1982), Deputy Director of the Legal Department (1979-1981), Head of the Department of Complaints and Conciliation (1974-1979) and Work Inspector (1970-1974). These appointments defined her practice and established her as a recognized expert in Dominican labor law. Prior to her career as a public servant and her subsequent promotion to Dominican Republic’s magistracy, Dr. Gautreau had founded her own law firm.

She has participated in several conferences and seminars on labor procedure, social security, industrial safety, and the rights of workers in the Dominican Republic, most notably:

  • Seminar on International Labor Standards on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (2007).
  • Annual Conference on Industrial Safety (1997) where she served as guest speaker.
  • V National Conference of Labor Law and Social Security (1993).
  • First Central American Congress on working conditions of women and minors (1984).

Academic background

  • Juris Doctor (J.D.)Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

Affiliations & credentials

  • Dominican Bar Association
  • Dominican Notary Public Association
  • Dominican Association of Lawyers
  • American Association of Labor Law and Social Security

Services and practice

  • Administrative Law
    • Administrative review proceedings
    • Government contracts
    • Infrastructure
    • Public procurement / Tendering
    • Regulated sectors

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